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Have you seen her

Yeeaah, Right now, im looking for my princess so if you have seen her let me know, haha, And theres T and theres Dot Flirt What i need is a good girl beside me always there to suport, Sticks by me cant be in love with my name man shes gotta like me not...

I wanted you

I wanted you to be there when i fall, i wanted you to see me through it all, i wanted you to be the one i love, i wanted you, i wanted you, i wanted you to hold me in my sleep, i wanted you to show me what i need, i wanted you to know just how down deep...

Lost love note

I'd cross the dessert to be where you are All the things I did to be close to you A million miles wouldnt seem that far I'd go anywhere just to win you heart Dear Baby, This is my first letter I hope when you read this It makes your day better I p...

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