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Ruthless Steel

Utwory wykonawcy:

Die in the Night

Fire burns and melts the ice Hard as steel, as we rise Here you're dead and Satan prays In your head you lie he says You're in disguise Your soul is drowned Your hope's not clear Your eyes are full of fear To my dreams to my pride I gotta kill you an...

Heart on Fire

My heart is on fire Please, don't walk away Don't stare at me with such lonely eyes Say that you're mine 'Cause..I can't stop the rain I feel so lonely Can't get you out of my mind My heart is on fire It burns for your love Look at my crying eyes An...

Power of Hate

A great strike of lightning The power as hate We don't believe in fortune and fate Hate your lifestyle As long as you You'll see our hatred come down on you My mind's fightin' , with power of hate My heart will guide me to hurt you again Facing m...

Ruthless Steel

Breathing so fast you're going to explode reaching the end on a dead end road Feeling death is coming inside your head you only wish you were already dead Shines like lightning from a cursed land made from mortals with godly hands All the unholy t...

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