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(hed) p.e.

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Something's got me falling apart Something's got me losing all hope in you Something's got me under control I'm dangerous… dangerous I know that you can feel me Everything is not okay I've got the solution Let's fuck it all away My face on you My mouth on yo...


New souls here to go We commit to bild the bridge and tear down the wall Give me the microphone, I'mma kick it old school With my back pack hair, there's one in the tape deck New souls here to go We commit to build the bridge not a wall The future is wai...

One of a Kind

Its like I’m a ghost Ya look right through me Me enter like a ninja Me exit like a thief The haze of the ganja Slowly dissipate Rise up from the ashes Back from the dead With a Vengeance! Seek a wisdom Truth and the mysteries Repatriation of the Re...


In Southern Mexico You forget just why you came You run to Northern California But you forget to change your name But when I get to New York City It won’t matter none of this will change Ten thousand miles and running All these songs will remaind the same Just...

Suck It Up

Just bring it… Bow down Bow down One, two, three Suck it up (x3) It’s not the end of the world It’s just a phase They all love to see you fall Flat on your face It seems as hard as I try They underestimated I don’t belong here anymore No, it’s not me No, I can...


Look how far we’ve come And all that we’ve been through We are a part of something So much bigger…than me and you Can't you see how far we’ve come? No one can stop us now We’re family Floating in a river of consciousness Show love For the sinner in a...

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