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How many moons

How many moons will rise before you fall? How many phones will ring before you call? How do you do when you do without me at all? Without me at all … I ain’t one for hangin’ ‘round unless I’m waiting for a train My momma taught me just enough to get out of th...

Lead me on

Oh Lord, when You hide Your face from me And I pass through the darkness of my soul Unaware that the shadow of Your rings Is keepin' me from standin' in the cold Somewhere out of the darkness I need a light to shine Fair as the moon, bright as the sun Oh, I...


I rise with the sun cause my work is never done And those leftover chores from the midnight before are still waiting for me And once again i'm caught between this rock and hard place Well i get up on my feet and make coffee in my sleep The school bell rings...

Out Among the Stars

It's midnight at a liquor store in Texas Closin' time, another day is done When a boy walks in the door and points a pistol He can't find a job, Lord, he's found a gun He pulls it off with no trace of confrontation They let the ol' man run out in the street...

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