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100 Pets

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Blind to the guides

Too late this moment has arrived one into two how will you decide forget that you ever had noticed did you notice trouble will never be forgotten asking of you what will I do ask what you will of your own time Too late a clean slate would be nice blind...

Further away

I have felt silence though distractions are in the way will my memory bind me to all the beauty I have known my favourite questions are the ones I can?t resolve can I choose to remember or will the days slip away Further away, further away I hope thi...

Hungry Bear

Weary eyed people spy have you got my number dancing through the turnstile can you catch me with your silver tongue forever divide, collect and find the changing light has you in it?s sight from where you are it?s only time that you fear Twist around...

In this Place

In this place Far from home The night has come And we are lost Below the hill So tall and wide Below the hill We can rest  

Moutain cheer

Oh kindly one you glitter like mountain cheer through the cold nights numbing fear can you still closer still I feel you are true I trust you through and through circling around your goodwill surrounds I do not feel out of place, out of phrase I won?t...

Rise to find

Casting away the silent drum for marching to the journey?s end is it here you shall stay if only you knew the way if the day arrives to find you dreaming of a distant place will it turn away if only you could be sure if you have all you came for wil...

Three friends

In the way that you help us you?re not asking for more can I see your collection in boxes on the floor it?s only really your words and mind that matter to me now our connection in time did end there, goodbye I have seen three close friends, the day remain...

To see you

I can walk from here it isn?t far with all else aside I could leave straight away I would like to see you if I can are you home today I could ride a bike it would be more fun if I leave right now I?ll be there soon I would like to see you if I can Are...

Wealth of pride

He can move easily when all others lie still he is free to look far beyond where he stands when time stops for him he is found Wealth of pride comes to his side again I feel so serene when time stops for him it can stop for me I?ll remember this night...

Wise old cat

I look deep into wise old cat?s eyes Wise old cat will look into mine When the warmth of the day has gone All the flies will die, wise old cat sit still In her eyes, in her eyes  

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