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When Now Meets Then

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Six years ago, I saw you behind bars. I took you from your inmates, And brought you to my home. A loving family is what you received You gave me happiness, And became my child in return. You ignored your expiration date, And stayed longer than it...

Diveris Prospectum

With every life, changing moment You've gained, this horrible nightmare It's not your fault, just please hang there , Cause this is not, for you to bear. On your shoulders, is the weight of the world. And on your skin, you've let this pain go. The...

Hiding behind the lies

Cold blooded creature Watch your words Your smile is evil Her face is everywhere Oh darling tell me, Are you ok? The devil is calling, and he knows your name The screams bounce back From each others mouth! Passing the point of no return You hide behi...

The world is sleeping

Ignorance and arrogance is Abundant between your kind! A fucking parasite is what you are Our disease, your my fucking gangrene You are all full of putrefactive matter You know, you're wasting all of our time These people, are blinded by their ignorant...

Where Art Thou?

Our minds are clouded What's the point in trying? Where can we go? This seems to be, all we know My heart is bleeding, now I feel like screaming! I see myself walking through purgatory Another sleepless night. Well that's no surprise! You just left...

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