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Write a word a mark a learning to illustrate how language is searching point on map a mark a learning to relocate where borders are merging who's nursing? or operating? no memory no learning a key Blueprint for a regulation reiterate that orga...


You are supposed to figure out what's going on and understand you know they don't travel Left to right turn, directing which way to go and to command the way that you feel it Everythings been won there's nothing left to rob people like me, scatter...


I have na aversion in capitals a burden to carry on the back of this a hurdle this task a dis when when when when when when when There is no sense of responsibility here there is no chance of ressurance here there is no sense of responsibility here the...

The Gold Route

The gold route the lead route the copper stain my handkerchief one fleck blood raw knuckles again Departure it's coming with me so wish to prove to you my worthiness of investment aluminium flame is fading clearing out all tunnels flush gravel and...

When to lead and when to follow

Try to be speechless for a minute, try not to stare lay bare misgivings you have, no need to share blinded like the horses pulling carts confident like a dare, dropping everything in plain site just to be there Anything can be shocking in a minute, you c...

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Sprawdź informacje o Unmap oraz jaka jest historia twórczości oraz data urodzenia, wiek, wzrost, partner, mąż, żona, instagram. Największe hity, piosenki, utwory stworzone przez Unmap
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