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Underground Groove Front

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A filthy wicked farce Is what is left of what we thought would lead us to an aim we'll never have peace until this maneating engine is smashed so feed it all your hate all you got not one spark of faith is left there’s too much damage done...


forced to witness indifference of such vast extent towards our fragile peace which they were born into eager to dump all that's been reached for just a tiny bit more of convenience living in peace for just a few decades already makes em forget all...

The Taste of Rust

shit talk drivel I'm tryin to reply but my teeth become nails and my tongue it turns into a blade leaving me mute to all your hatespeech your words causing the insides of my fucking mouth to rust bullshit hypocrite liars It's...


twisted thoughts caught between wish and reason punishment for believing in nothing? despite this hope for deliverance everything tells me I'll have to bear the thought all will be gone and then there will be none though I know it feels...

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