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Blasphemous Execration of Holy Ground

In the darkness a pentagram burns In the wind screams can be heard 13 gather in the dead of night To perform unholy ritual rites In the darkness a pentagram burns In the wind screams can be heard 13 gather in the dead of night To sacrifice the priest o...


Sometimes I scream late at night in my head In vain to release the frustrations And I find no solace in the knowledge and lore That is at the heart of my coping with life And though I try to be not a sinner I am yet a slave to temptation Sometimes I cr...

Night of the Witch Childe

Eyes of fire Burn like fire Eyes of the the witch childe Glowing with flames... Glowing eyes of horror Pierce the night Candles of the coven 13 burning bright Of darkness and devouring flame In ritual death we chant his name... Satan! Eyes of fir...

Ritual Death and Funeral Rites

Black candles burning bright The ritual has begun Raise the ritual knife Above the sacrifice Blood pours from open wound The smell of death fills the room Sign the blackest of oaths Pledge your allegiance in blood Dance with human skulls Coven of th...

The Devil and the Old Cursed Tree

Beware... as the clock strikes twelve Evil... summoned up from hell Cursed... are those who see The devil... at the old cursed tree Walking silent around the old cursed tree Summon Lucifer at the old cursed tree Beware... be forewarned this night Summ...

Twisted Shape of Creeping Terror

I've seen their eyes Death stares from hollow eyes Enshrouded by dread Surrounded by the dead Grim spectres of death Rise from below the earth Rise from your tombs... I've seen the dead, the walking undead I've seen them rise... From their graves In...

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