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Uncharted Shores

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Just two years left now we'll be coming home soon. Making the most of the time that we have left. We're not afraid we chose to take this leap of faith. We're finding out this life is more than what it seems Just open up your eyes and find the light inside...


I'm thinking of you tonight And there's nothing that I want more Than to be by your side And let you grab so tight to me As you whisper the words good night to me Late at night I love you, it's true You mean everything to me Words cannot explain how I...

Life In Our Shoes

Thoughts pour in. Here we go again. Try to stay out, but keep on falling into society. The anxiety is killing me slowly. How can I stand up? The gravity it strong. Try to speak your mind, but to them you’re wrong. I'll stand up. It's time to go and get ou...


Confusion takes over and the world is like "what the hell is going on?", because all you know is what they tell you. You have the way of breaking out of what we think is true at all. It's time for you to stand up and just Shout and let it out. You will ma...

Sink or Swim

Breathe in because it's sink or swim. Give it all you've got because it's do or die tonight. Been through hell and back and now the stars align to show me where I lost my mind. It’s not like you to run away but its better off that way. Know who you are....

Uncharted Shores

Where’s the love in all of this? Are we just chasing clouds? Washed upon uncharted shores to find the way out. Been set on course with no direction, Lost from the start with good intention To find reason to this game that we play just to survive (we’re...

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