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Funeral March of the Dark Ruler

Or She-ein bo Mahshavah! From the formless void - the lord has come To unleash Chaos - to kill all life With horns of fire and storms of hate Halos reduced to ash! Of serpents tongues and dragon's fire Cower in fear, for here no light reach Among the horde...

Night, Sweet Night

Immortal, I reign in the silence of night From the shadows, I call upon thee With darkness I follow, from hatred I breed I am the naysayer of the hope and the light In the blackest of days, when all the light has gone And what remains is a shadow of doubt I w...

Onward To Oblivion

All life gives unto death And in the end it's all a lie Like an everflowing stream We flow towards our deaths At the gates of demise The end will set us free In the mirror, a reflection... A darkened eternity The eyes of despair open wide When the darkne...

The Blackest Craft

Enshrouding darkness, enveloping miasma Obsidian stones' weight upon the tome The litany is spoken, the blooded token is placed A lambent glow alights as stars are magnified In black of night, when ensconced torches ignite A spear of bone is thrust from cold...

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