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All Fuckin' Hate

In our time of hate Persecution across the land our world in pain no mercy left Perverted prayers Bring blood from the skies An unhallowed shower To cleanse this shit world As if time stood still Hate burns our time Of all taht is pure and good Oh...all fuckin...


The misfits, mental inebriates and indigenous kept them addicted to keep them hanging around dis-re-membering Dunich 

Black Hole Hatred

Make of this what you will... 


Youre drunk on serpents semen and bloated with bile A whores menstrual syrup and a black widows venom A chiffchaffs plumage Infested with bile A vile elixir Coursing through your veins There goes the sabbath Here comes the cross 

The Afterlife

Underneath the stars Moonlight on the skin Crimson drips From hacked wounds Existence Fades Utter depression of your soul Into the afterlife A star ignites Leaving you behind No new world coming... 

Unbound kto to ? Wiek, wzrost, waga, dzieci, życie prywatne

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