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...Of Gardens & Evokations

Between an abstract contradiction I find myself, trying to visualize the trace that my steps left yore But the effect of my percept only simulate shades Unreachable garden that evokes my inner madness. Invisibillity and imperfection will be the only thing...

Dreadful Lethargy of the Unstable

Lost on my emotional debacle I hide my look between shadows, where to salivate my disgrace. Everything is empty here and I keep wandering searching my space Disgusting journey that makes me feel closer to the dead than the living In only see gaseous sy...

Into the Entrails of my Deliverance

It's so unfortunate the destiny, like a futile existence, meaningless So I am forced to feel arrogance for this insubstantial life I want to spit it mercilessly until I exhale my last breath I feel embarrased of my species, of my sorroundings, of my condi...

Porphyric Curse

Damned Hankering the midday sun, the gazes without repulsion Longing for the feel of my fingertips already mutilated The only relief to my seizures and nausea is swallow your warm blood in the dark night Ulcers and blisters on my skin Monstrous...

Unbegotten kto to ? Wiek, wzrost, waga, dzieci, życie prywatne

Sprawdź informacje o Unbegotten oraz jaka jest historia twórczości oraz data urodzenia, wiek, wzrost, partner, mąż, żona, instagram. Największe hity, piosenki, utwory stworzone przez Unbegotten
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