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$uicideboy$ x Travis Barker piosenki

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Aliens Are Ghosts

"Parsed out on this rippity-dippity-rippity-dippity-rippity-dippity triplet flows. The $UICIDEBOY$ formula is pretty obvious at this point, whether it'd be because you've heard some of the duo's previous EP's or you're familiar with the classic Hip-Hop albums...

Killing 2 Birds With 22 Stones

Hey kids, let's go to church! (Yay!) No more false idols Revolt revolt revolt No more false idols For we are the ones, they are afraid [Verse 1: Lil Oozing] Remain in the earth Dirt filling' up my hearse When I die, bury me like 10 more feet beneath...


Suicide, suicide, let's all commit suicide End the human race just like the dinosaurs, I can't decide Would you rather drink the punch or do you wanna burn alive? No salvation, salutations, nothing left after we die (Feed me with your hate) Yeah, now that'...

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