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After The War Ends

It's not a weight you're under it's an ideal; And I cannot be the one to pretend that what you've done is right. Break apart at the edge of all i believe, Pushing words into my mouth until I'm sick over my feet. I grow tired. Tired of calling your nam...

Decks The Rays

I forget where i was Floating like deadwood lit by moon Lit by moon There was a voice whispering inside “It’s time. It’s time.” Like a slow fuse that I watched burn from then until now It follows me down It follows me down It will choose you...


Drag that deer home The moon pulls at my skin This town is going down, down, down, down Lost like childhood I hope you'll do better I hope you understand why I'm lost, lost, lost, lost, lost I miss the plans I miss the pains 

The Mountain

I broke through the treeline running The break of branches all covered in rain I cut my feet again Was I not allowed to wait? She poured herself down my throat Thick like clotting blood I let the woodlife crawl over me And eat me from the outsid...


Home is where the heart is, when will you come back? Trust the whole of our love I hope that I'm not wrong Ghost of an old friend Tells me to trust again Pull back the curtains, and look out to the open Stay with me through the night Share the same ai...

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