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You who seek to know the truth Must look beyond the need for proof This lasting search of all mankind Is now your deed til the end of time You are the one who was sent to us There is no choice but to walk this path Alone you must live in this sear...


The ancients teach of a time-worn scripture Said to be of a very high force Kept a secret from most who wander Bringing you into sacred realms This nectar has within it The key to all wisdom Come with me into this ritual Give up your self You...

The Seer

Up in the mountains lives a man with wisdom in his veins He's seen a thousand moons and knows the sacred ways He lives alone, a simple hermit life Under the stars, day and night The earth will bend and change according to his every word He has the p...

Sahasrara kto to ? Wiek, wzrost, waga, dzieci, życie prywatne

Sprawdź informacje o Sahasrara oraz jaka jest historia twórczości oraz data urodzenia, wiek, wzrost, partner, mąż, żona, instagram. Największe hity, piosenki, utwory stworzone przez Sahasrara
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