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Ensorcelling Darkness

Man devoured by his own corruption The act of damnation begins Salvation lies buried ‚neath hymen and tears A shroud for the remains of Adam’s kin My companions, acting vehemently Vomiting Death, haunting your life Showing your foiling fear Horrid loo...

For the Universe to Shatter

Blindfolded, running through desolate space At the edge of a cliff I’ve arrived Beneath me the abyss, an eye spewing chaos Behind me a thousand cries The stake of the world lights up As the ashes of virtues are scattered As flames consume each atom, awa...


Poison in my body Diffusing mournful loneliness Hallucinations and solitude The echo of my life „So young and beautiful” Only the words Tired eyes reflect the pain Now I got to lie See the full moon rise Feel the venom circling deep in me Devouring...

The Sylvan Requiem

Another flies flew to my wood They are dinning, making me sick Unaware of their fate And so the nightmare begins The child sees me, I`m gleaming so bright His father holds him, his arms are no shield The boy`s still raving, losing his mind Now, let the...

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