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Maggots Swarming to the Corpse of a Dying God

Swarm! Swarm, children of the dying light And nest in the promised lies of a lamb to the slaughter - the lesion on your waning faith Engrossed in the falsity of archaic philosophies In the shadow of the Morning Star The "prophets" born no more Vested...

To Strike with Vehemence

From dusk to dawn in dreary silhouettes from beyond the realm of carnal fate; the burning, inherent hate To strike with vehemence, sew the seeds Encompassing agony, spreading venom, welts the feeble mind Torture of the highest order, the reward for the bli...

Tragoetia (Hymn of the Goatspell)

Incantations of death's construction Hymns of blackest evermourn Spells cast from wicked enclosures Liers in wait at the gates of silent memory Prophesized volition of will No longer silenced Psalms of malice and duskbourn hate! In the embrace of evil...

Unearthing Causal Passages from Within the Festering Black Mass

Storms of grief erupt from a clouded haze Peering through a husk upon cynic landscapes A vision of obscurity on the brink of void Murmured forth by an unseen force Nexions of eldritch stature; a miasmic sight Viewed by indifferent eyes Funereal notions,...

Sacrilegion kto to ? Wiek, wzrost, waga, dzieci, życie prywatne

Sprawdź informacje o Sacrilegion oraz jaka jest historia twórczości oraz data urodzenia, wiek, wzrost, partner, mąż, żona, instagram. Największe hity, piosenki, utwory stworzone przez Sacrilegion
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