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Advancement of Hatred

Industrial landscape. Engineered enslavement. Omnipresent oppression. Consuming you. Consuming. Consuming you. Crushing hatred. 

Anxiety Tremors

Turbulence. Anxiety tremors. Distorted balance. Inner war. No focus. No creation. No focus. Piercing sounds. Shifting placement. Collected hatred. Inner force. A focal point. No focus. No creation. No focus. Piercing sounds. 


Breathing down my neck. Fire carnal cannon. Faceless oppression of shame You're just an object. Dead in a field. Manipulated target. You're just an object. Taken by assault. Dead in field. Taken by assault. Anonymous violence. Excused and condoned. 

Identity Clone

Hatred. Separation. Sleeping with hypocrisy Blinding confusion. Suffocating pain Tearing at my seams False connections. Velvet words. Identity clone Never knowing What you lost. 


Crafted master. Fucked up ideas. Painted illusions. Washed up fear. Filled with lifeless passion. Spinning contradiction. Watch it fade away Into a foolish demise. False praise. False adoration. False hope. False hate. 

Life Farce

Selfish bastard. You walk around on a power trip. Mocking those who've Done nothing to you. Spare me. Grains of salt. Spare me. Minor problems Deviating any focus. Existence weighs on An industrial scale. Life will crush you Life will rip you And yo...

Mind Killer

Surrounded by a thick cloud. Looming above the ground. I walk through the darkness. Fear is the fag. Masking any clarity. Fear is the fog. Fear is the mask. Controlling insecurities. Controlled by insecurities. Cornered. Nowhere to hide. Moon shadow wi...

Mother Critical

Binding fear. Eternal damnation. Tortured by the though. Spiritual leader. Your eyes have you away. Mother critical. Torn apart. Mother critical. Come undone. Obey. 

Negative Space

Expanding sphere. Supernatural heat. Time bomb of necessity. Creeps closer. A sect of existence. Molten. Reaping. Death. Vaporized. Seething razor. Megatons collapse. Imploding core. 

Only Human

Hey you! Yeah you! You're the only human eveyone's an alien Save you, save you We're malevolent malignant tumors sucking on your body Preying on your mind never mind, never mind Preying on your mind never mind, never mind Dissecting your soul, spiri...

Poison Design

Mountain of disease Poisoning the soil. Greed draining sources of life. Disgusting spinning Cycles of oppression Disgusting ignorant Machine believer The answer is in the design. Dominating your existence. Trapped in a void Of cruel emptiness. 

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