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Crucified He came as a man to face the human life born in the silence of a dirty farm from his throne to this suffering world He came to show us the real life healing the sick ones and training this world bringing peace salvation through his word H...

Promised Land

Promised Land Since I found it I live its mistery shining into nothingness its power is endless A way to express myself finding my mysticism where no war can take place and no one can find me anymore I found my promised land Its breath heals me...

Screen of Anguish

Screen of Anguish I am the TV and i'm the root of all your fears I want to spread a wrong way of thinking recession, violence look at the screen and fill your brain of this look at the misfortunes all around the world they are my gain to sell news f...

You Could Never Pay

You Could Never Pay Theft and deceit are the games I play but now for me it's time to pay I've followed a fake society just deceiving me no way to repair to my faults only a cross where I must die now I'm loosing my soul, my life please God forgive...

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