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Sacred Tuesday

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Come Play

What would you do to get ahead lie to lie I could say I've lived Oh what tangled webs we weave when at first we practice to deceive With the flick of the wrist wont you please Roll the dice and you will see there's only room enough for greed between you and me...


She's got blue eyes and a drop dead stare a cold shoulder and a malicious glare a thousand years war not much has changed little to nothing but a name It's a late night, closed door, a broken light and a worthless war a little more sleep is lost as we're wash...

Wait And See

To find another time alone by myself I'll slowly walk to road to wrap myself right when i fall again by myself I'll step up to walk in the rain I'll stand up just to be knocked down you'll pick me up and break me down this splendid little war you've waged tak...

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