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Sacred Mother Tongue

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A Light Will Shine

Black is drawing in The air is getting thin I'm fighting with myself I always take one on the chin What I have is all I asked for I never wanted more Still I fear I'm in this darkend room And I can't find the door When you look to the sky, see the warming glo...

Bleeding Out

So once again I see we’re wrapped in shackles Push me back the closer I come to I guess that we both know the way that this will turn out Hate for me more simplifies my love for you It’s a wound Bleeding Out for attention Love is my only confession I wo...


Reflection of our failings, and all we’ve done Our power is in numbers, unite as one We’ll wash away destruction, when said and done Evolve in forward motion / We must Become Open your eyes! Existence in limbo, a people filled by greed What a gift we are...


Here after midnight, awake in this moonlight Not really watching the screen It’s audible; barely, gives comfort to me I pray it will put me to sleep But the constant vision, keeps my eyes open Holds my attention awake …Seven days and I can’t Beat the c...

The City Is Crying

If it feels like they’re nailing the doors, and they’re forcing a broken society onto the city streets, that’s probably because they are And have you noticed? An immortal wave of sadness is holding back, The frontline of faces in crowds that span the stre...

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