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Red Water

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To make compromise to kiss the golden ring to lick the masters boot defeat follows defeat are we nothing more than corpses floating in the water bloated vessels of decay spreading disease, transmitting pain bringing destruction to all we love ruining...


Just enough food to live, just enough air to breathe, more than enough strain, to put me to sleep flickering light bulb, get up, repeat i ceased to believe in change, the grip might loosen, but someone’s still holding the chain in this perpetual meatgrin...


We, the tame and fearful terrified by the murmuring wilderness in the dead of night we seek for shelter under the arches bound do collapse the hands that choked us are the ones we grasp for guidance once again we let ourselves be dragged along the bloo...


Rats dried out in the sun life‘s a plague we tried to outrun burning eyes, burning lymph hollow skull, boredom triumphs we come crawling, towards death on our knees, scraping the flesh until there‘s no life left to take a resemblance of what was once hu...


Give all, and take none nothing to show for this life black circles around the eyes an empty head a heart that’s fucking dead everyone has a price i just didn’t think I was so cheap i still carry my dying will, like a wounded animal, by my side but it...

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