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Pagan Babies

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You dominate, and promise me Why won't you try to love me You always knew Lonely lovers hang from you Why won't you cry me a river She's gonna fall down on her knees forever And know; I want you You are the only perfect thing yeah You are the one t...

Best Sunday Dress

Terrified of all the corruption It fumbles every breath I come to your door I'm going to miss it I'm swimming in the river Drowning in this fatal moon I walk into all your motives Hey, my world is getting cruel We will be perfect again If i...

Cold Shoulders

One dozen white ones They all go to I get cold shoulders And I go to sleep One would have given the lazy eye Falling drunken, deaf and blind Meeting decent people Run for me and I'm dead again One dozen white ones I'm poisoned too late The ocean...

Quiet Room

In your quiet room There is the bed you love Looking into your zombie eyes I saw isolation Untie me from your bleeding tomb My body says the name That she loves Loves Loves In this body I hate this body Hell is all we have here Take me...

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