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Do It For Love

There'll be girl across the nation That will eat this up Babe, I know that it's your soul But could you bottle it up? Get down to the heart Of it, no it's my heart You're shit out of you luck Don't make me tell you again. I do it for the love, yes I d...

Love Song

It's not that I won't write you, and you know that I like you You say you want your own song and there's nothing I can buy you But ya- ya see the thing is writing a love song's kinda hard How would I start? Like I met you in a bar? Or how I felt the first...

Who Cares

Everybody got their own opinion, everyone got somethin to say When will he pay attention? Hmm probly not today Like whats he doing now? and he's making money how? He just did what?.... Someone told me he's dropping out? Or he's dating so and so and everyon...

Won't Stop

One two three La la la la la la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la la la la la I think I’m reaching for the millions Hands up towards the ceiling Travel round the world and kick it harder than Brazilians I’m ready in the building, ringing bell...

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