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27,000 MPH

Never thought we'd go so far And everyone looks smaller than they are Never pictured us out there As we move on to a new frontier Never thought we'd get so close So close to everything that we had dreamed Never pictured us out there Now we have gone to...

Flowers of the Moon

In the morning things will change If you believe in the sun Imagination is better than dreaming When they keep you on the run This is the season we see a reflection Reminds us where we've gone Ornamental shapes in the shadows Flowers of the moon Unti...

Golden Clock

As the days go by Dancing around the sun A measure of space and time Lining up with us Spinning slowly as one A figure of their design 

Saw a Ghost

I've been down and sideways Inside out and up I've been further than I wished I was lost inside a dream Before I saw your light My eyes were closed I went over the ende and Back from another time I am going back once more There we were under its in...

Silent Sky

Strange into the sun Among the stars above Made us all believe In our time Not so long ago Back where we belong Under the silent sky One more time Came down from the clouds Where the water falls Places we have been In our time Not too far gone Ba...

Water's Edge

The sky was glowing amber The storm had gone At the water's edge A mirror of time Saw the truth reflected Long ago Where the river bends In your mind At the water's edge What will you find? The clouds were passing over The river ran green At the w...

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