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Part I – Written in the Stars

Hope's as high, as the sun today
Once around the world, now coming your way
The river runs, down the beggars beach
Claimed the waining moon, now out of reach

The street corner prince, with the pockets of gold
Had a story to sell, but it remained untold
One hand on the fence, that grows ever so high
There the grass is the same, still I want to the other side

Time will tell if I'm the fool, that made the climb and left the pool
People can barely stay afloat, they're gonna need a bigger boat

Three's the line, to change a man
To make the sun light up this land
It is not a single fantasy, when from solitude you lead me
To a brand new day, and a different game to play

I've been a bleeding heart on feet, spent my nights racing the streets
The endless rain might take a pause, when there's a reason and a course
On open waters I set sail, to learn where others failed

Part II – The Meaning of Success

Did you fill them pages with a meaning to it all
Or did summer turn to fall?
And your TV dinner got burned by shocking news
It left you with the blues
When the evening comes and you're alone, then it haunts you once again
She's not a lover, just a friend
There's a fork in the road, late to work, now you'll never get a raise
Is that a smile upon your face?

Who are you really gonna be?
Do you know that the apple never falls far from the tree
Hear the whispers in the wind
A change's gonna come and it might crown you the king

How come people claim they want to live forever
When at work they can't wait for the day to end?
On Friday night you reset, you are drinking to forget
All the worries of the week
Dead men on their feet, they have pulse, but they have no heartbeat
Just a shadow on the street
John Doe of the show, don't you know that there's no place left to go
You will always be alone

Will you find your own place in the wheel
Will you do what they want you to, or do what you feel?
And your wallet holds no thoughts
There goes your freedom, you've been bought

I turn the TV on again, the TV is my only friend
Another Hugh Grant remedy, a happy end to set me free
I turned my back on wonderland, I know that kingdom's made of sand
So here I am a foreign man, without a helping hand

Ghostly figures casting doubt, on all I thought I was about
The laughing stops when I appear, the crowd is all in tears
The forecast tells that summer's gone, will I live to see another one?
Or is it just a stupid test, to find the meaning of success

I'm the rumour on your coffee break, I'm your first and last mistake
I'm a poet in a dying world, no one will hear my dying words
I'm the movie that you'll never rent, I'm the ghost in the machine
I am God, when it goes to hell, when it turns out good I'm not to blame
I'm a drink that's far too strong, perhaps you'd like another one?
A small part of this life, and the meaning I've found
Life goes up, and life goes down

Part III – Child Inside the Man

In the shadow of the bitter artist, the voice of reason speaks
Aversion therapy wouldn't help me to, confront the child inside the man
There ain't no digits for how many times, a heart can be broken and fixed
Hope's as high as the sun today

Heard a rumour down at the nightclub, couldn't help to spread the word
Like fire though a corridor of paper, in print for the morning meal
Suddenly the world's a little smaller, and all else is larger than life

Don't leave me hanging upon the ageless door
Up north the trial goes on forever more

I take the flowers away from my grave and I walk the primrose path
Beyond the aftermath
We were ships that passed in the night and the lighthouse guided us home
We won't end up all alone
I was tilting at windmills, and what you're losing on the swings
You gain on the roundabouts
I discovered that just round the bend lies the meaning of success
Now this heart can finally rest

Part IV – After All

Talking to myself I no longer speak the truth
I'm not fooling anyone, I never left the pool
I never once did say the words, I never understood the words
But now they're flowing naturally and I can see them perfectly

I am first to join the fools parade, towards the sunset, lover's lane
I'm blind but I am unafraid, I'm colors in the shade
The wind that blows away the weight, broken backs now walking straight
Headlong into future dreams, carry me downstream

The pair whose eyes shall never meet, they're passing strangers in the street
The ties that bind – they're meant to be, it's hope that moves their feet
The pawn in black is standing still, survived the turmoil, power of will
The queen that held the heart of men, to be revived again

I turned into a butterfly, spread my wings and learned to fly
The puppet masters fading face, eleven sins to erase
I know who I am gonna be, I fit into a different wheel
Thanks to you I'll be alright, you're the other half of the sky

And hope's as high as the sun today
Once around the world, now coming your way

Every day I'm loving you more
In every way,I'm loving you more
How it grows, the way it shines, it's keeping me alive
As infinity forms a line, into the love that I define

Every day I'm loving you more
In every way, I'm loving you more
How it shines, beyond belief, brighter than the sun
I am tired of the past, but it feels like this will last 


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