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Logistic Slaughter

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Ominous Rumble Overhead Cruciform shadows dot the sky Whistling fills the heart with dread Detonations that do not roar Dark banks of ochre fog roll in Soldiers fumble blindly for their maks though in there minds they know it's too late The biophage has...

Cadaver Landfill

Fears of mortality slipping into place Wait for the final push a snap into reality Thoughts of revenge infect us from within Go into the shell that safe place so tranquil To be torn apart by the undying breed Show me the wounds that burn the inner soul S...

Exit Wounds

One Every squeeze of the trigger adds a body to the bill Shot Never know it's coming 'til the brains splatter to the ground One A friend lying dead blood pooling all around Kill Fear of an unknown butcher spreads throughout The marksman, kills with...

Litany of Blood

Proclaimed in wrath the litany of blood Wherever it rang bloodshed follows Families turn on neighbors in fits of rage And upon one another when none are left Herds of once tranquil beasts stampede and Trample one another their keeper heedless of The slau...

War Machine

Add more meat to the grinder the war machine must never slow The blood of heroes lubricates its ever turning gears Their bodies fuel its never ending crawl To exterminate a lesser race and dominate the globe Men women and children consumed by its advance...

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