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Keeping Score

Try my best to pretend that I'm not home Because I think you're better to forget And then I hear the rocks against my window And I know you're a mistake I won't regret But come what may On a later day I might get wet But it's only rain I know what I'm...


Oh that look in your eye Had me changing my mind You're just waiting for me to arrive And now all I can see Is that sweet memory Chasing Bettys rolling down the street Oh that look in your eye (look in your eye) Had me changing my mind (changing my mi...

Next to you

[Verse 1] And all the things we wasted to see how we would play in time And every time we waited we never knew what we would find [Pre-Chorus] Too much running around you, all I wanted to do Was get next to you get, get next to you [Chorus] You’re all...

To Be Free

There we go, I don't need your big hand catching me I wanna know, are you gonna come around and see? 'Cause we've been falling down for days And we don't see no other way Here we go, fly into unknown Don't let me down like a lead balloon I just wanna c...

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