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June Carter Cash

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Wildwood Flower

I will twine mid my ringlets of raven black hair The lilies so pale and the roses so fair And the myrtle so bright with an emerald hue The pale amaryllis and violets so blue I will dance I will sing and my laugh will be gay I'll cease this wild weeping dr...

Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone

When death shall close these eyelids And this heart shall cease to beat And they lay me down to rest In some flowery bound retreat Will you miss me? (Miss me when I'm gone) Will you miss me? (Miss me when I'm gone) Will you miss me? (Miss me when I'...

Wings Of Angels

Bare me up on wings of Angels Let me hear the choir sing Let me see the facets Of the chair of Him Lift me up on wings of Angels Three or four or more And place me in my weakness Perfect at Your door Jesus, I'm tryin' to get to You Jesus, I'm tryin' to come...

Without A Love To Call My Own

The tears in my eyes have a home till I cry And then they have a cheek to fall back on The birds in the sky have a mate until it's time to die But I don't have a love to call my own Lovebirds come in pairs, they have someone who cares And that's one thing tha...

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