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Candy Rapper

I Am Trashy like a candy wrapper Shiny packaging is distracting you from my ugly center Wish I didn’t have to wear it, I think I would fare better But apparently we’re supposed to leave these on, so, whatever People need to see some sort of false delu...

I'm not gay

J pee baby, yup, yup Yeah, you know what it is Check this shit out man Check it out, check it out Check it out, yeah Chillin' with my homies at the home depot (home depot) Buyin' screws and nails, manly shit you know? (you know?) My homie says to me...

Sensual masturbation

Baby, I'm feeling love this evening So I'm gonna do this right You know at the end of the day I'll always come back Cause nobody does me better...than me Imma do it nice and slow tonight Gotta unwind, have somebody do me right Relationships like this a...

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