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Halloween Party

1. zwrotka: I waste my time But I just let go I'm not alive I guess I misplace my soul My fuel of life Is to feed at night But shine at light Life is dark, death's bright Refren: I don't wanna wake up To feel my soul glowing far away Spend my time...

Liars Die

1. zwrotka: Dressed up as a self-importance Hiding a fancy lack of confidence Drawing on my friends, girls and passions Creating yours within my existence Don’t use friends to rise up and fill Your own existential nothingness Putting down, betraying my...

What's Going On

Get lost in the crowd What I face can't be true Then I look around There is nothing I can do I'm travelling endlessly in this cursory World which is not mine I really tried to be What society wants from me I reached the finish line Here is not m...

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