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B-O-D-Y B-O-D-Y (yea) I’ve seen it on the internet I’ve seen it in my DMs I’ve seen it in a late text That’s a fucking body, uh I’ve spied it with my little eye Something that could change me Better than a day dream That’s a fucking body, yea Oooh...


Damn, could you Think before you cross that line? So used to Doing what you know ain’t right All your words stuck in my head just like a sad song And it’s playing like a haunting melody I gotta keep myself from listening to your lies And losing all rea...

No More feat. Stony

[Glowie:] Staring at the window feeling nothing, thoughts get lost in traffic sounds. Listening to sad and lonely music of raindrops falling to the ground Thinkin' how come the sun don't shine, like it used to, like it used to. Why dont it shine no mor...

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