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Bad Desire

I'll wake up tomorrow without taking a little chance I'll leave all my sorrows and send out an S.O.S If you can retreal girl, I can loose control To be I believed your way, baby You are too wrong *Bad Desire You know my heart on fire Oh-Bad Desire Bab...

Black Tiger

I won't let the fever Take me higher With my gun I'm ready to go I won't let my passion Roll in action 'Cos I'll run run baby to go I wanna wanna wanna keep you safe and warm ('Cos) the battle has begun You know the reason why I'm fightin' here for y...


I dream of you You know the taste of energy You'd be the voice of doom Your name will stay in my memory Life is so hard People are lookin' for the truth But you can bring the sun Between us, so the dreams come true You relight my fire A flame of pas...

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