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Brand Loyalty

Enlisting the ranks of of unskilled labor Cheap to employ and easy to sever As disposible as today Give us your guys - we'll give you relief Give us your minds - we'll give your belief Loyalty till the end - Thanks to your trusted friends Quality you ca...

From Here

To the blinded you're quite the vision You're just a creation You're just another version Another way for them to Use a front for a problem Your pain and suffering is really just Another slogan to your product No time for your lessons Who calls the sho...

Never Live To See

You have a choice You think it up to you They're in your mind making choices for you They tell you what you want to hear Before there's time to see the truth The truth behind their eyes They'll say you're right They'll say you're nothing They're taking...

The Mind

Destruction is the name of the game Set your sights on everything Delusions - walls closing in Cross the line and back again Disorder - your life is a mess Slash your arms to relieve the stress The pressure can't take anymore Put your fist through the b...

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