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Devilish Beast in the Eternal Fire

Hey, there, behind the mountains! Black smoke is rising. There, seven-headed beast is burning with his evil prophet. And his army, huge and evil, was destroyed completely, and all the birds flew to eat their fill of the dead bodies. Because Holy Chri...

Funeral of a Dead Soul

Caravan of souls is going by ghostly walk through the fog, not touching the ground. Sun is hidden for them forever, they will never see the light. Clouds covered starless sky, the wind sang the sad song. Wolves wailed, accompanying in darkness those wh...

Legends of Old Men

Listen to the voice of the ancient, inherit wisdom of fathers, and you will know the way to the eternal life. You will take part in the lot of wise men. For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son. Whoever, who puts his trust in His Son will n...

Spiritual battle

The weak Devil fell, because there is no spire, Which is able to pierce my armour, Righteousness is my armour, Because I took Christ, The Army of evil will not defeat me. Put on the armour, Be ready to rebel against the devilish machinations, Cleave sh...

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