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East India Youth

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Dripping Down

You may be moving at glacial paces But you're not melting Wrapping your arms around all of the concrete You love these buildings now You have been left just a little shipwrecked But you keep on floating Down to the docklands you're all out of options You'll k...

Heaven, How Long

The larian awakening On my trip to the evenings In undiscovered carnivores Shopping for pharmaceuticals In light of all that there is around me There’s something clear and cold about me I scrape my head against the grey sky All sparks and ...twists and rides...

Looking For Someone

Looking for someone, looking for someone I don't know where they are Looking for someone, looking for someone I don't know who they are God I need someone, god I need someone Hope they aren't very far Now I need something, now I need something Just for me and...

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