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A dream in static

Dreaming felt real Life, illusion I’ll always wish we’d become All that we were We mourn loss of control Instead of taking it back We stand idle and wonder All that could have been To lay this notion to peace Too late for this man’s too… Dishearten...

Contemplation of the Beautiful

I see a different world I am nothing more, an experiment Watch me as I… Never had the chance Fairness is one I'll lose forever As I walk along this road Ending the hope of love forever Far from this place Inside the fear that I possessed The will fo...


To watch the curtain fall Within an inch of the call A thousand reasons not one to divulge The sting of all that was You medicate so willingly As we endure the fall To normalcy You’re far beyond the underlying forces Slight in a way untrue Wait where...

Mob mentality

I am just a member I am just a vote for your cause I am just a number Solve me as a man without resolve Got me where you want me I’m yours for sure Wean me off your blinders Left to think my thoughts are my own On my own Finally A moment to myself...

Earthside kto to ? Wiek, wzrost, waga, dzieci, życie prywatne

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