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guess i'm a soldier guess i'm a man i better get out there and follow the master plan i guess i'm a soldier i'm a man cannot afford that master plan (now shoot 'em up, shoot 'em up, shoot 'em up, dog) let's call out the cavalry get some pictures; i fi...

Happiest Day Of My Life

mom... mom... dad... dad... mom...dad? mom... mom...dad? mom... mom... mom... dad... mom... dad... mom... dad... hi! mom...dad? mom... dad... mom... dad... 


Standing with the mist on my face A flick, a flick, a flick away I just can make you out in the haze Where the day animals play But I can't see the sky Must be a million miles away On another day The pain go on by you And where's my shadow Swinging in...

Reaper (Don't Fear This Child)

(want some, get some) (who's gonna get some?) a surge of impatience rose up in me making good time toward the scene I'm engaging the flow endlessly reaper, don't fear this child no more reaper, don't fear this child no more reaper, you fear this ch...

Saving Up For My Spaceship / Illuminate

'm an earthling I'm leaving I'm an earthling, yeah, and I'm leaving. On a night as clear as this, you can launch yourself into the stars! I'm saving up for my spaceship Spacecraft, to fly. I'm an earthling and I'm leaving I'm...an earthling I'm lea...

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