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another misery blinded by their innocence comfort in punishment this world has turned deathcold deathcold our eyes see bloodshed no more heartbeat all we see is death war lies hate another homicide bloodcovered streets comfort in...

Masked Freedom

they stare with blind eyes in the face of death a nameless army waiting for their wrath no leader saves them, no glory shines only a pile of corpses lying at the frontline what have we done ? the price of peace is death what have we learned ? no...

Spineless Bastard

trying to find another way you change your mind day by day carry the torch of your fathers race but you're just a coward with no face miserable figure an empty shell no escape of this living hell you're all alone dying in the dark we burn your f...

The Lake

in a sadistic way we follow them take them all one by one drag them to the lake inch by inch they drown liars piece by piece they rot cowards no more leaders run this world sever their heads throw them all one by one into to the lak...

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