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Earth Groans

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Driving Out

We search for peace to flood the streets Flicker of light to drive out the night Abundance of love to dissolve disgust But I’m still searching for what that looks like for us Love, it will not cease Even when breath no longer passes through our teeth Love,...


Death claimed this day for its own The life I had planned is now gone The world around me fell Even the air around me has become my own fiend I fought, altercations I’ve spat Till my body had grown weak Cursed were the things my hands built Barren was th...

Price Tag

The artist oh the artist, behold perfection in his masterpiece. He opens up his mind and spreads it across canvas, an expression of who he is. He opens up his heart and spreads it across canvas. This perfect creation, it is a part of him. Corner to corne...


Power up all circuits go The flickering of lights It’s so captivating now And my mind’s sucked in A box in the corner of the room I reside my mind behind the glass The matters of my life will have to wait Entrapped, I sink into my own escape My exit from...

The Estate

I’ve stared these walls down for hours, Ive watched cracks in the plaster as they crawl the wall encouraged by the stirring, in foundations, brought by the changes of the elements i hung the paintings oh so strategically trying to mask the imperfections f...

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