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Earth Collapse

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Proud and stupid, that’s all you are prosperity laziness... No blood on your hands forgot that world is brutal killing game multiply and fulfill all your fucking needs multiply and fulfill all your fucking needs What will you do? And who would you be?...

Hope is dying last

On a short line of life, hope was born found me in the shadows Helped to get away from noose interlaced by my life's mistakes Poisoned toughs, lack of ideologies Spoken through my head I wont fallow that path one more time New dawn, new hope will save...

Inner Storm

Under deepest thoughts there is something that I have always been afraid Tear of darkness and I cant get away from the demons chasing me Forever alone Fighting with pain That's destroying me inside Loosing my mind Loving for death I will be damned...

Slash that bitch

New beginning new illusions Face of lair hidden well I remember time when you left me left my heart to die you fucking cunt Now you're standing in front of me chainsaw your new friend is waiting here suicide or let me help you I will kill you then ill r...

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