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Dynamite Boy

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Julie H

It was hard to let you go Harder yet to hear those words And everyday since then I've been tryin' to break your curse For all those times you made me wonder why I live I'd paralyze my hate with all the thoughts of love that you'd give to me... as long as I liv...

No Way Out

it's been said we forget ahead you know we can't be wrong time you knew that i'll be true cuz we been friends so long won't fall apart you're in my heart it's hit or miss i'll tell you this there's no way out cuz without a doubt you will always want...

Suspended Animation

I smash my hands against the wall, you're surprised it doesnt fall i cant believe i trusted you true colours shining through but those times i guess theyre changing (but those times i guess theyre changing) i dont know, you were my friend no laughter,...


Zap You're it. My life is full of shit and I don't know what to do. Stay Away You'll never ever really say the words that I love you. Zap That's it. I feel the opposite of what you feel is true. Live my life a blind suburbanite adjustment overdu...

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