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(Domas) Chumidas amen Naj be soste, so gerdan Etisarav tuke godo Muro mursh san, me hacharav tu Etisarav tuke godo (Domas) Csi kamav te dukhaves ma Etisarav tuke godo 

Crazy swing

I got a honey, he got no money He got no rhythm, he’s dancin’ for me I think he’s crazy, he makes me happy He keeps on singin’ (Doop wee bop, doop wee bop) Well I show him my curiosity ‘Cause it’s so good I want some more of his crazy swing Get your ha...

Don’t Turn Around

Woop be doo, woop be doo Woop be doo be da-da Turn around, turn around Don’t, don’t turn around The only one who can turn off the lights He got the answers up in the sky Ain’t nothing matters when he’s around When he’s around, when he’s around And wh...

Georgian Lessons 1-6

Trompetista harmónica contrabajo guitarra the voice Dancing is a luxury a pleasure of theese times an excess of emotion without rules a fantastic tralala without meaning and practical use now everibody! let's dance! welecome to Deladap move lesso...

I know what you want

I know what you want You know how to do it I know that you can do what you can (What you can) do, do What you can do, do Zsanav hod (Zsanav) so tu kames Tu zsanes hod so te keres (Te keres) Zsanav hod (Zsanav) so tu zsanes Ker hat so tu zsanes (Khel)...

Lets Go Inside (dutch Rhythm Combo Rmx)

Ive seen a place where we could go I think about it by walking at the shore Ive seen the women go inside They say it will change your life I wanna know what is inside Oh baby, dont ask me why Oh no, I cant wait too long So long, too long, it cant be wro...

Tu Es Beau

Lautlos geht die Sonne unter (Lautlos) (Sonne) Lautlos (Sonne) Lautlos (Sonne) Lautlos geht die Sonne unter Vais attention à toi, tu est belle Du gehst zu weit, wenn kein Horizont dich hält Tu sais bien, Wehmut ist, was sich nicht gern verliert Dreh...

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