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Going Away

Lookin out my window, Looking down the road. I would like to go, far away, Away from this place. I wanna see the world, Before I die. Before too many years go by, I've got to go, Before I get to old. [Chorus] Cuz I'm goin away and I'm leavin today,...

Just Emily

No one else compares, When she's around, There's magic everywhere, I still can't believe, That she's in love with me, (chorus) She's poetry that don't rhyme, Colours outside all the lines, So sweet she could make an angel weep, Her spirit can not be...

Standin' Still

I was born feet first already in a rush I couldn`t sit still for my first haircut By the age of twelve I was planing my big escape I aint never been afraid of plowin` new ground Nothin` nobody`s gonna slow me down Life`s never gonna happen if I let it all...

To Quote Shakespeare

What eyes have put in my head, Wasn’t that something that Shakespeare said, Late one night, heart over heels, He was blind in love, Well, I know how he feels. Well, I’ve never been captured by poetry, It always struck me as too flowery, Now, I’m love o...

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