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Caitlin Hart piosenki

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7 Minutes

Well we've got seven minutes 'til the sun burns out and I'm thinkin' about what to do I don't know how or why or when or where But I know that I'll be spending it with you We can build ourselves a rocketship and fly into space with a smile on our face w...

Almost Gone

I remember when I first met you My heart skipped a beat and my soul flew You were so tall in your button down shirt And I'm such and awkward flirt You asked me what I'd want to drink I was so high that I couldn't think I smiled like a kid with a big sill...

Flowered Sheets

We rolled around in my flowered sheets lived for a week on coffee sex and sweets. Sunscreen days and all those sweaty nights laughing hard just holding on so tight Slow down big sigh man up don't cry It's hard I know feelings always show through...

The Heart Wants What It Wants

You got me sippin' on something I can't compare to nothing I've ever known, I'm hoping That after this fever, I'll survive I know I'm acting a bit crazy Strung out, a little bit hazy Hand over heart, I'm prayin' That I'm gonna make it out alive The b...

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