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Circles (Remix)

Tha Producer: Take my hand, let's go, Somewhere we can rest our souls. We'll sit where it's warm, You say look we're here alone. Chorus: I was running in circles, I hurt myself, Just to find my purpose. Everything was so worthless, I didn't deserve this, But...

Deuce Dot Com

Oh, don't stop, what's my name girl, what's my name girl? (Deuce!) Don't stop, shake that thing girl, shake that thing [Chorus:] We can ride if you wanna ride, later We can dance if you wanna dance, baby I don't care if you gotta man, save it Keep standing by...


Never was a killer but I spilt enough blood. Never thought I'd be the one to sweep your fucking ashes underneath my rug. People come and people go. But I ain't people. So tell your people when they see me they gonna feel the evil. You missed the past off them...

Story Of A Snitch

Yo, I guess we all change sometimes. Some for better, and some for worse, listen... Here's a story of a snitch, that I knew so many years, But now he's a bitch, fuck your feeling, he can suck my dick. Here's a story of a snitch, that I knew so many years,...

The One

I see the sickness in the signs The dead weight in line Like the sickness in my mind Homosexuals and liars Fuck playing for reasons Fuck playing for Jesus Let me shine like a god, like a leader I'll burn a hole through your cross My souls already lost And it's...

Who We Are

[THA VILL:] Don't you want to see it? [VERSE 1: MIC] It started off when I was 5 Riding on my bike. To shootin' video bullets at kids I didn't like. Then we laughed it off, Never did I have it all. I would be an act from crazy little things I saw. Wh...

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