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6 day riot

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Eevery Third Sunday

If you take it wrong then time will stop Wasted spaces move back up Many days have rode on into one Daily meals to calm your eyes Wisdom seldom realized I could try to reason one more time But by the by, by the by How fear has multiplied Wild and lost...

Folie à Deux

Reading on the bus was not for me I couldn't focus on the things I meant to see So I took a walk around the block Filled my head with all you said Now those faces breathe inside me on my way. Come on the lights I thought we were friends Now I'm sitting...

Sky Father

I left this earth today Didn't look back at my terrain Sold my possessions at sea Followed the fortune of destiny I knelt before the king Stared with wonder at what life may bring And filled with confidence I set upon my close legend My close legend...

6 day riot kto to ? Wiek, wzrost, waga, dzieci, życie prywatne

Sprawdź informacje o 6 day riot oraz jaka jest historia twórczości oraz data urodzenia, wiek, wzrost, partner, mąż, żona, instagram. Największe hity, piosenki, utwory stworzone przez 6 day riot
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