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Beat Generation

*Day by day, you�re just feeling down and down Time and time, search�in in the bloodless down town Awaken your body, but your mind says hell no To be or not to be, what�s you gonna do ? **You say �Swallow the anger and live in the hunger. I wa...

Evil Call

Does anyone hear the voices from the Black Sea? It�s ringing in my ears, as if giving me the key I didn�t understand what it means to me But now I have fear, I don�t want to see. Evil call yeh, a call from the hell It�s hell's bell yeh, screamin...


My name is Maria, I�m the one from Bethany. I lived in the past, but immortalized. I�m living inside of you. You know It could be a funny He was my boy friend, looks to kill I was a fool before, but ever since I know him, He changed everything a...

Pain Givers

I am in the motion get in the action Want you to take a part So cry out loud and cut your leash We�re gonna jump on you It�s freaking cold out, but burning hot inside. Good time for a start Fighting now Attacking now, I swear my right tatt...

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