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5th Ward Boyz

Utwory wykonawcy:

Bitch Pleeze

(bitches talkin) Wassup Jo-Jo -wassup [name] Girl you know the nigga 007 down with the 5th Ward Boyz -yeah I used to fuck that nigga I've seen the bitch in the mall today Lookin tight than a muthafucka. Yeah I got his number.Conversation was weak.I know the ho...

Blood, Sweat & Glory

Verse 1) A backstreet killer a 5th ward assassin So raise the fuck up muthafucka when I'm blastin My buckshot: buck*buck*buck buck 'em down till they blood shed And it ain't stoppin till the muthafuckas lay dead Too many punk-ass niggas try to house on me And...

Concrete Hell

This is for all ma motherfucking niggaz that's in the penitentiary all the ma motherfucking niggaz that's on the row all the ma motherfucking niggaz that trying to get muthafuckin bail, that aint born with the muthafucking police I aint born in the muthafuckin...

Immortal 2K

5th Ward and Outlawz x6 Verse 1: [007 of the 5th Ward Boyz] I'm a little lost Me and you, knowin' nothin' but the hustler Mafia life and mob musta What the loss, 5th Ward Boyz and Outlawz Don't give a fuck who you is Bitch, I kill your kids You a B, get at yo...


Shit, what are we gon' do? (Shiit) Shit, we go to WAR! That's what the fuck we gon' do! (Motherfucker!) Fuck em'! Wash my hands with you fucking guys (*repeat in background*) I never did like that fucking guy (*repeat in background*) Never did like that fucki...


[Verse One: E-Rock] Pussy, Pussy--Pussy, Pussy Weed and alcohol it seems to satisfy us all, indeed Don't even trip, half of you bitches like pussy too Love to smoke weed and get high, sip,serve And let the freaky shit up out And suck the skin off a nigga dick...

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